Rising Magma Records

Rising Magma Records supports heavy bands in the following areas:


Rising Magma started out as a collective of heavy bands that arranged gigs for each other. In a short period of time around 60 spots were arranged. Bands like TANK86, Pendejo!, De Staat, SardoniS, Atlantis, Izah and Fire Walk With Us were active members of that collective. Bands like Triggerfinger, The Datsuns and Drive Like Maria appeared as headliners during some of those shows.

Over time Rising Magma made the transition to inlcude a record label; Rising Magma Records (RMR)

RMR is different from other labels because it does not tamper with the (creative) rights of the bands. Instead RMR stimulates the DIY mentality of its bands and makes sure they support each other. They can do this by sharing their contacts, experiences and knowledge. Doing so will create a large network of interesting contacts. This network can be utilised by every RMR band.